It never gets easier, you get stronger: my journey from a non-athlete to a Half Marathon runner

It never gets easier, you get stronger: my journey from a non-athlete to a Half Marathon runner The story of Nidhi Khurana Written by Nidhi Khurana Edited by Mallika Bhatia

I want to share with you all my incredibly hard but rewarding experience: the story of my transformation from a non-runner to a half marathon runner in a little more than a year. I still find it hard to believe that a non-athletic girl like me can call herself a 'Runner' now. Until I started running, I had never done any kind of exercise besides a few irregular visits to the gym or sporadic walks with friends. Then one day my friend just mentioned a new fitness challenge that she had taken up. It was to run non-stop for ten minutes. The duration had to be increased everyday till one could run for twenty minutes at a stretch.

I decided to try it even though I wasn't sure if I could do it. Little did I know that those ten minutes would be life changing for me. To mine and my friends surprise, I could run…

Panic Away: My anxiety story

Panic away: My anxiety story
The story of Tamanna Bhasin (Name changed) Spanning over India and Germany Written by Mallika Bhatia

After seven years of blissful existence, when I started sensing doom in the eighth, I initially didn't know what to do. I started constantly feeling that something bad is about to happen; someone close to me is going to die, either my parents or me. I feared someone in my family would have an accident or something would happen to my sister. The thoughts were always unpleasant and each represented a fear or spoke of a disaster. After a few weeks of struggle, I decided to share my feelings with my mother. 
She identified my condition early on, having lived with an anxiety based disorder and having experienced panic attacks herself, she knew where I was heading. She took me to a Psychiatrist who put me on a low dose of anti-anxiety medicines. Back home, my mother taught me to meditate. In about ten days everything was back to normal again. I carried on wi…

Her gender was her crime

Her gender was her crime. 
The story of Nupur (Name changed) Based in Europe Written by Nupur herself Edited by Mallika Bhatia
Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.

Little did I know that 2012 would change my life forever. God had bestowed me with the bliss of motherhood. I knew this was special and it was the right time to welcome our bundle of joy. Our four year old marriage was culminating into one of the best phases, at least I believed so back then.

Unfortunately this was only what I believed. To my husband it was something that happened by chance and probably should not have happened at this point in our lives. We had discussed about having children in the past and considering the fact that both our families were pressurizing us, we did not have a lot of time to wait. Though we had never discussed the preference of a gender for our child. I didn’t even know a preference could exist!

Me and my sister are still the strengths of our family. My parents nev…

Our child is hearing empowered- a family's special journey

The Story of an anonymous family Based in the United Kingdom
Written by the family itself
Edited by Mallika Bhatia
On the first night at the hospital, while the other newborn babies wailed away in response to each other, ours just slept through like a dream. Wow, parenting is so easy, I had thought. The next morning, as it usually happens, the pediatrician and her team came around for the newborn check up. They were screening for the usual issues like her heart, sight, hearing and hips. Just like all new parents, were were anxious to hear what the doctor would say. After what seemed like an eternity, she said that our baby had not responded to sound. This was followed by her telling us that it was possibly just a fluid buildup, which was a common occurrence. They would check it again after 6 weeks.

Back home we enjoyed the new born days just like any new parents would. However the frightening thought that she could possibly have a hearing issue kept cropping up. The likelihood of the…

He is threatening and stalking me! Am I truly responsible?

The story of Anonymous Written by Mallika Bhatia 

I was all of 22 when I met him. Our families were friends and it is through them that we met. He was 8 years older to me and worked in a social research project. He was fun to be with, relaxed and a great friend to many. I was doing my Master's at that time. We had started by exchanging a few emails and slowly it turned into meeting occasionally. Our relationship grew organically and within a few months, we were dating. I wasn't looking for something serious and he knew that clearly. I was open about my intentions and feelings from day one. Over the months I started liking him more but I realised that he felt more like a buddy than a romantic partner.

I spoke to him about almost everything including how important it was for me to have my parent's approval when I finally decided to get married. Our age gap was a big enough reason for them to disapprove, if I had chosen to marry him. Yet I knew they were very reasonable peop…

When I learnt to hit back- the journey from being a victim to being empowered

The Story of Anonymous
Written by Anonymous
Edited by Mallika Bhatia
I have often thought that inschool, if instead of trigonometry and calculus, they taught us basic values like self-esteem and self-love- the world would be a better place to live in.

I was a high scoring student. Mostly at the top of my class. My school report card always had straight A’s and glowing references to how brilliant I was. However in the end there was always a small line that read.....'But needs to develop self-confidence'.

I believe my childhood was difficult and troubled. My parents were basically good individuals but their marriage didn’t work. When all the fighting in the house stopped, there was only endless silence left. Both my parents had high profile careers, which meant I was left alone or with the maids a lot of the time. Surprisingly my sister who grew up in the same environment remembers her childhood as the most perfect loving one. So perhaps it could be me who was the troubled chil…

A pregnancy that kills- Awareness is the key

A pregnancy that kills- Awareness is the key The story of Trisha Bahl Based in Munich, Germany Written by Mallika Bhatia 

I know you know what a pregnancy is, but do you also know what molar pregnancies are?

Well, if you do then congratulations!
You are amongst the very few people who are aware of this condition.
For those of you who don't know, Yes, it is a condition!

When we are joyful and excited about bringing another human being into this world, that is a pregnancy but when the doctor tells you in your 8th week scan that there seems to be something abnormal with the foetus, you don't wonder what kind of a pregnancy it is, you simply worry.

'I doubt it is a normal pregnancy at all', my doctor had said. 'Let's wait for a week or two, to see if it would naturally discharge itself from your body', she had continued.

What went on in my mind was; I am losing another baby. Yet another miscarriage! Not even a regular miscarriage, here my doctor was actually w…